Brittany Ferries to charter a third Stena E-Flexer class vesel

An artist impression of Galicia departing Portsmouth bound to Spain. The EFlexer vessels will be largest ever of Brittany Ferries' fleet.
An artist impression of Galicia departing Portsmouth. Courtesy Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries announces it will charter from Stena Line a third Stena E-Flexer class from 2023. The latter ship is however not going to replace Bretagne, which will be replaced by a purpose-built state-of-the-art cruise ferry.

Brittany Ferries will be delivered from Stena Line a third Stena E-Flexer class vessel in 2023. As Salamanca, the latter ship will be powered by LNG (liquefied naturl gas) and will be built at the AVIC Weihai Shipyard in China. Her refuelling will take place in a Spanish port, where refuelling facilities will be provided by Repsol.


The new vessel is yet unnamed, and will join Brittany Ferries’ Spain - Great Britain routes. As her two sisters, she will be chartered from Stena Line for five years with an option of purchase. This model provides Brittany Ferries security in the troubled times of Brexit. Indeed, it enables the company to postpone the actual purchase of the ships, enabling it to have a clearer view of the Brexit aftermaths upon purchase.


Brittany Ferries has already invested €550 millions to renew its fleet, and will operate three LNG-powered ferries on the Channel. It will therefore be one of the main operators of that type of ships worldwide.


The three 42,200 tonne E-Flexer ferries will be the largest of Brittany Ferries’ fleet. Each of the 215 metres-long ferry will provide 3,000 garage lane metres for freight vehicles and will accommodate 1,000 passengers in 340 en-suite state-of-the-art cabins.