M/V Armorique I

Armorique pictured in the channel.
M/V Armorique. Courtesy Brittany Ferries.

Armorique 1 is a ship that was operated by Brittany Ferries between 1976 and 1992, which was built in 1971 in Le Havre. Her name was reused later on a new-built from 2009.


Technical Datas of M/VArmorique I
M/V Armorique I (1976 - 1993)
The Ship
Launch 24th April 1971
Maiden Voyage 13th May 1972
Shipyard Société Nouvelle des Ateliers et Chantier, Le Havre, France
Delivered to Brittany Ferries 1976
Owner Bretagne Angleterre Irlande SA
Operator Brittany Ferries

St Malo - Portsmouth (1976-1978; 1982-1991)
St-Malo - Poole (1992)

Roscoff - Cork (1978-1982)

Plymouth - Santander (1978-1982)

IMO 7108203
Port of Registry Morlaix, Bretagne, France
Technical Specifications
Length 116.62 m
Breadth 19.23 m
Draught 04.33 m
Gross Tonnage 8,181 GT
Net Tonnage 3,036 NT
Deadweight 1,178 t
Engines specifications
Engines 2 Pielstick 12PC2V400 engines
Power 8,825 kW
Speed 20.00 knots (service)
Passengers & Cargo
Passengers Capacity 700 passengers
Cabins 410 berths
Garage Capacity 170 cars


Service History

The early years

Terje Vigen was built in 1971 in Le Havre for Norwegian company DA-NO Linien. She was introduced on 24th April 1971 on the route linking Olso and Arhus. In 1973, she was sold to Skan Fahrt that chartered her out to DA-NO Linien. However, due to the owner facing bankruptcy in May 1975, she had to be sold.

Armorique 1, Brittany ferries' flagship

Armorique berthed in the 80s.
Armorique. Courtesy Brittany Ferries.

Brittany Ferries purchased the ship in November 1975 for delivery in early 1976. Once delivered, she was refurbished and introduced on 4th March 1976 on the route linking Saint-Malo and Plymouth as Armorique, replacing in the fleet Prince de Bretagne.

On 5th June 1976, Armorique grounded off the coast of Saint-Malo, and had to go to Le Havre in order to enable repairs to her propelling system. She then launched the Saint-Malo – Portsmouth service on 17th June. During the following winters, she was always laid up in Saint-Malo. In 1978, she was refurbished again to be equipped with a Cinema, a Children play room and a new À la carte Restaurant.

On 17 March 1978, Armorique established the new route linking Roscoff and Cork, replaced in Saint-Malo by chartered Prince of Brittany. On 17th April, mastered by Captain Francis Gervin, she also established the new Plymouth – Santander service. Needing only 24th hours to sail between both ports, she launched the fastest route linking Spain to Great Britain. Armorique arrived in Santander the following day one hour behind schedule, after a not so quite crossing. According to retired engineer Joseph Gidouin, she kept rolling during the crossing, since she was not equipped with stabilizers. However, once arrived, Armorique had not been able to open her ramp, blocked, and crew had to work twenty minutes to repair the faulty ramp. She eventually opened, enabling her first customers to land in Spain, including 20 Rolls-Royce.

Armorique, Saint-Malo's ship

Armorique sailing in the Channel.
Armorique. Rights Reserved.

In 1982, Armorique was replaced on the Irish and Spanish services by the freshly delivered larger Quiberon, and was transferred to the Saint-Malo – Portsmouth service, alongside Prince of Brittany and replacing chartered Goelo. However, she grounded again in Saint-Malo on 18th September 1982, requiring new repairs.

Armorique operated the first 1983 Roscoff - Cork sailings, before operating the Saint-Malo service. On 2nd April 1983, a fire stroke in her car deck. If the fire was extinguished by crew members without help, the fire killed one person and injured 19 others.

During winter 1989, Armorique was chartered to Brittany Ferries’ subsidiary British Channel Islands Ferries for service between Poole and the Channel Islands. In December 1990, she was chartered by French Army to carry troops during the first Gulf War.

During the 1992 season, Armorique was transferred to a new Saint-Malo – Poole service (she has also operated a few crossings between Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and Poole | Portsmouth), Duchesse Anne operating alone the Saint-Malo – Portsmouth service. She was then chartered in during winter 1992-1993 by British Channel Islands Ferries again, before being laid-up and offered for sell in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin on 21st February 1993, following Val de Loire’s introduction.

A career in the Southern Hemisphere

In December 1993, she was sold to the company Xiamen Ocean Shipping which renamed her Min Nan for service between Hong Kong and Xiamen in China. She was sold again in 1998 to Weihai Ferry and renamed Scheng Scheng.

She was chartered out to Jalan Kangignan in 2003, before being renamed Tirta Kencana in 2005, for service between Surabaya and Makasar. She was renamed again in October 2009, becoming Mustika Kencana 2.

On 4th July 2011, she took fire off the cost of Java whilst she was heading to Makasar with 151 passengers and 50 cars on board. Captain had to decide to abandon ship and former-Armorique eventually sank the following day in the Indian Ocean after 40 years of service.

Aboard Accommodations

Aboard Dining and Bar

  • Self-Service Restaurant ; Lounge Deck ;
  • La Biscaye - À la carte Restaurant ; Lounge Deck ;
  • Le Corsaire - Bakery ; Principal Deck ;
  • L'Iroise - Bar ; Lounge Deck.

Aboard Shopping

  • Duty-Free Boutique ; A Cabins Deck 
  • Perfume Boutique ; A Cabins Deck
  • Kiosk ; A Cabins Deck.

Passengers Accommodations

  • Cabins with 2 berths and one sink ;
  • "En-Suite" cabins with 2 berths ;
  • Cabins with 4 berths and one sink ;
  • "En-Suite" cabins with 4 berths ;
  • "DeLuxe" cabins ;
  •  Reclining seats separated in two rooms.


  • Entertainments for children ;
  • One Cinema room.

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