Chartered Ships

In order to replace ships during a short period, Condor Ferries has sometimes chartered ships that only came once or twice in its fleet, and that we will therefore not consider as ships that have been really part of Condor Ferries fleet.


Table of Contents

  1. M/V Clare (2000)
  2. M/V MN Toucan (2014)

M/V Clare

M/V Clare at sea.
M/V Clare. Picture KOEFEN-HANSEN, Mickael.

Wesertal is one of four sister ships built in 1972 for J.A. Reinecke & Company by Rickmers Werft shipyard. These ships were built for chartering to other operators, and therefore Wesertal has been chartered by North Sea Ferries in 1974 and by Saga Linjen between 1977 and 1979, among others. She was sold in 1982 to Partenreederi MS Wesertal. She was overhauled in December 1985 in the shipyard that built her.

Atlantic Sun Shipping Co. purchased her in 1992, which renamed her Norcrest. Between 3rd January 1993 and 9th February 1993, she was chartered out to Commodore Shipping in the purpose of replacing Pride of Portsmouth whilst she was being overhauled. She was operated on the Portsmouth – Channel Islands service.

Not long after this charter, Norcrest was sold to CO.NA.TIR Spa which renamed her Vinzia E. She was sold again in December 1994 to Clare Business Ltd, and renamed Dana Baltica for charter to DFDS Seaways. After the end of her charter to DFDS, in May 1996, she was renamed Clare, although she has been chartered again by DFDS Seaways several times after this renaming.

In May 2000, she replaced Commodore Goodwill, and has been operated on the Portsmouth – Channel Islands service. She was then laid up due to engine problems, and was sold to Clare Maritime APS in August. Her last charter ended in March 2011, and she was sold in May to Formæs Shipbreaking, which scrapped her in Denmark.

Technical Specifications of M/V Clare
M/V Clare (2000)
The Ship
Launch 1972
Shipyard  Rickmers Werft Gmbh, Bremerhaven (DEU)
Owner Clare Business Ltd
Operator Clare Business Ltd
Routes Portsmouth (GBR) - Channel Islands
IMO 7214727
Port of Registry Olso, Norway
Technical Specifications
Length 114.86m
Breadth 17.63m
Draught 5.33m
Gross Tonnage 5,617 GT
Engines specifications
Engines 2 engines Atla MaK 8M551 AK
Power 5,073 kW (6,800 CH DIN)
Maximum Speed 17.5 knots
Passengers & Cargo
Passengers 12 crew
Cabins 20 berths
Garage 756 lanemeters


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M/V MN Toucan

MN Toucan arriving for the first time in Portsmouth.
M/V MN Toucan. Courtesy Tony WEAVER.

MN Toucan was built in 1995 for the Compagnie Maritime Nantaise. She is one of two sister ship, with the other sister called MN Colibri. They have been built for charter to Arianespace, in order to carry parts of the Ariane 5 rocket between Europe and French Guyana.

They are both RoRo (Roll-On Roll Off) and LoLo (Lift-On Lift Off) ships, enabling them to berth in harbours that do not have facilities for RoRo ships.

Following Commodore Clipper’s grounding on 14th July 2014, requiring repairs, MN Toucan was chartered by Condor Ferries to replace her until late-August 2014, once repairs had been completed. She was introduced on 29th July on the Portsmouth – Guernsey service.

Technical Specifications of M/V MN Toucan
M/V MN Toucan (2014)
The Ship
Launch 1995
Shipyard IHC Holland
Owner Compagnie Maritime Nantaise
Operator Compagnie Maritime Nantaise
Routes Portsmouth (GBR) - Saint-Peter Port (GBG)
IMO 9112466
MMSI 227286000
Call Sign FNAV
Port of Registry Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France
Technical Specifications
Length 115.50m
Breadth 20.38m
Draught 5m
Gross Tonnage 9,125 GT
Net Tonnage 2,737 NT
Deadweight 4,253 DWT
Engines specifications
Maximum Speed 15 knots


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