HSC Condor 11

Condor 11 at sea.
HSC Condor 11 at sea. Picture Incat.
Technical Specifications of HSC Condor 11
HSC Condor 11 (1995)
The Ship
Launch 1994
Maiden Voyage May 1995
Shipyard Incat, Hobart, Tasmania
Owner Incat
Operator Condor Ferries
Routes Weymouth (GBR) - Channel Islands
IMO 8707329
Technical Specifications
Length 77.76 m
Breadth 26.00 m
Draught 3.50 m
Deadweight 250t
Engines specifications
Engines 4 engines Ruston 16RK270
Propulsion 4 waterjets Lips 1150 LX
Transmission No gearbox
Maximum Speed 36 knots
Passengers & Cargo
Passengers 600 passengers
Garage 139 cars (@ 4.5m x 2.3m)

Service History

A short history with Condor Ferries

Condor 11 grounded off the coast of Tasmania, prior to her delivery to Condor Ferries.
Condor 11 grounded. Picture Incat.

In 1994, faced with the success of the Weymouth – Channel Islands high speed service, Condor 10 began having difficulties to cope with the growing traffic. Hence, Condor Ferries decided to charter a bigger ship for this route. Thus, it chose to charter a 78m-long vessel, which was an improvement of Condor 10’s design: Condor 11.

Condor 11 was to be introduced on the route by March 1995. However, during Sea Trials, Condor 11, mastered by Incat’s chairman Robert Clifford, grounded off the coasts of Tasmania whilst at high speed, damaging her hulls. Condor 11 had to go back to Incat’s shipyard in Hobart to enable repairs, delaying her introduction. Thus, Condor Ferries had to charter the 74m-long Seacat Isle of Man in order to replace Condor 11 until her delivery.

Condor 11 was eventually delivered in May 1995, but she soon appeared to be too small to operate this service and was sent back to her owners at the end of the summer. Moreover, Condor 11 had not been well welcomed by Condor Ferries’ customers whilst her design prevents her from reaching top speeds when loaded. Therefore, the company decided to charter Condor 12 for summer 1996.

The post-Condor Ferries history

In December 1995, Condor 11 was chartered in by Cat-Link which introduced her on their Arhus – Kalundborg service once renamed Cat Link (2). EuroFerrys chartered her in 1998, and renamed her Euroferrys (1) for service between Algeciras and Ceuta. She was renamed Euroferrys Primero in 2000.

She has been laid up in 2001 in Algeciras, and her name reverted to Cat Link (2) in October 2002. In December on the same year, she was renamed Elanora. She was chartered by Norwegian operator Jetlink AS Moss in 2004.

In April 2005, the ship was sold to El Salam Maritime, which renamed her Fares 2. Registered under the Saudi flag, she was sold again in February 2007, to Maritime Co for Navigation.

Her AIS has been disabled since 2010, and her last known position locates her in Jeddah. It is believed that she is laid up their, without her engines that have been removed.

Onboard Accomodations

Onboard Dining and Bar

  • Café ; Main Passengers Deck.

Onboard Shopping

  • Shop ; Main Passengers Deck.

Onboard Shopping

Passengers Accommodations

  • 600 allocated seats.


  • One Children Playroom.

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